Designing physical products for a digital world

India is a country that has always been in the soft spot of resourcefulness and abundance. We have arguably one of the best climatic conditions and obviously one of the largest populations. Our approach to Business is similar to everything else; we take it for granted that our growth is assured irrespective of our efforts.
The vast population further fuels the notion that anything is sellable, and as much as I would detest this, I must agree that it occasionally works. We are quite comfortable making amends, whether it’s expectation of user experience or sales target.
Growing literacy rates coupled with affordability are making it harder for products & services with minimal customer understanding to survive in the ever growing competition. Understanding your customer has never played such a critical role throughout history.
Customers are lately looking for great customer interaction, experience and bespoke products to meet their specific demands. Customisation has become exponentially proportional to both customer satisfaction and growth. Designing products that are customisable to meet specific customer needs while accommodating an array of clientele certainly is a priority.
The role of customisation is evident among the growing user base of digital products & services. Although customising physical products is astronomically harder than digital products, exquisite user experience & visual strategy combined with digital integration when necessary could leap them to a close second.